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Sri Mathie villa, Habaraduwa

5 (3 Reviews)
Habaraduwa, Sri Lanka

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Sri Mathie sounds like a dreamy retreat! The blend of traditional charm with modern amenities makes it quite appealing. The fact that it’s set on its own seven-acre estate adds to its allure, providing guests with a tranquil escape.

The accommodation options seem well thought out, catering to different preferences with the B&B rooms in the main house and the self-contained units like The Forest House and The Cottage. Offering both self-catering and meal options provides flexibility for guests.

The estate’s working aspect adds an interesting dimension. It’s not just a place of leisure but also a functioning property with a coconut plantation and provisions like organic spices, vegetables, eggs, and milk. This connection to nature and the land adds to the authenticity and charm of the experience.

Overall, Sri Mathie appears to offer a unique blend of comfort, character, and culinary delights, making it an enticing destination for travelers seeking a special retreat.



Air Conditioning
Extra Pillows & Linens
Hot Water
In-house Chef
Internet – Wifi


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Habaraduwa, Sri Lanka


(3 reviews)
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Sri Mathie villa, Habaraduwa

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Sri Mathie villa, Habaraduwa

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Sri Mathie villa, Habaraduwa

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